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MIS (Management Information Systems)

     MIS (management information systems) is a general term for the computer systems in an enterprise that provide information about its business operations. It's also used to refer to the people who manage these systems. Typically, in a large corporation, "MIS" or the "MIS department" refers to a central or centrally-coordinated system of computer expertise and management, often including mainframe systems but also including by extension the corporation's entire network of computer resources.

     In the beginning, business computers were used for the practical business of computing the payroll and keeping track of accounts payable and receivable. As applications were developed that provided managers with information about sales, inventories, and other data that would help in managing the enterprise, the term "MIS" arose to describe these kinds of applications. Today, the term is used broadly in a number of contexts and includes (but is not limited to): decision support systems, resource and people management applications, project management, and database retrieval applications.

     Net Media has developed special MIS application called NetMis for any municipality/organization needs which can be used on any kind of network and uses latest MS SQL or MYSQL technology/server. In this software you can find plenty of innovative solutions for daily duties in municipalities/organizations, as an example is integrated DMS (Document Management System) in which any user can insert his own documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF etc. and share with specific users, group of users or leave it available for anyone's use. Other good example is database of clients (citizens) documents such as personal ID's, drivers licenses, any other documents that can be scanned and than used for later use so client has to bring just for the first time his original documents. There are plenty of implemented modules and every day there is more and more implementations. NetMIS has also unique auto update feature so anytime the new version is published it will be installed automatically and seamlessly.

     If you are interested and want software presentation we will be happy to demonstrate it to you.


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